Religious Freedom

Here’s an easy way to email the Members of Massachusetts House Joint Committee on Public Health your thoughts on the vaccination H.3999 Vargas Bill 2019. Just copy and paste in your email and feel free to change the wording and add your thoughts about this bill.

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Example Letter to Copy and paste:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Subject: Amend to require clergy letter or vote NO on H.3999 Vargas Bill

Dear Chair Comerford, Chair Mahoney, and Members of Joint Committee on Public Health:

My Essene religion which includes strict fruity vegan nutrition and natural wellness lifestyle help me with my food and drug secondary allergies aka hypersensitivities which in my experience medical doctors often do not recognize, so would like to maintain my and future offspring or grandchildren religious freedom options. Please amend with a clergy letter requirement or vote NO on H.3999 Vargas Bill.

Our country was founded on religious freedom. Please uphold longstanding religious freedom and simply require a letter from an actual clergy or vote NO on H.3999 Vargas.

Thank you for your consideration.

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