Bats live long healthy lives and eat mostly fruit which are high in enzymes and support the immune system and I suspect play a key role in their immunity to viruses they often carry like covid19 but stay asymptomatic (do not get sick); but the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t make money off fruit but searches for new medical vaccines to sell. And most medical doctors usually have very little basic training in nutrition, botany, zoology, and genetics which I took in addition to human anatomy and physiology in college as a biology major. Although I have secondary food & drug allergies (aka hypersensitivities), use nutrition and nutrition therapy, usually eschew vaccines, am somewhat interested in antibody (titer) test and perhaps a different way to administer “vaccine” or therapy other than a needle into the bloodstream like maybe some capsule or drink, and prefer all ingredients listed; don’t get me wrong, I appreciate modern medicine to fix people if in a serious accident even as an extensively trained in safety and accident prevention former CDL driver for 25 years and I’ve read that chronic lifestyle related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer can be prevented or reversed with whole-food plant-based (vegan) diet and healthy lifestyle according to doctors including Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. John A. Mcdougall, and Dr. Doug Graham. I admit it is often difficult to convince people to eat a plant-based diet and practice a natural wellness lifestyle, but people who do should maybe get discounts on medical insurance or perhaps if more doctors complemented or integrated their practices with plant-based diet and natural wellness lifestyle for disease prevention it would bring down health care costs for everyone and improve the lives of many. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a listing of Plant-Based Doctors and I’m trying to get signed up with one for a wellness check. Meanwhile, I’m starting to really appreciate fruit bats. :)

Bats use sonar to find fruit to eat. Bats are the only mammal that can fly.


Bats are reforesting African woodlands which will help climate environment and health since trees sequester carbon and produce oxygen. “According to the researchers, a colony of 150,000 animals (bats) disseminate more than 300,000 small seeds in a single night. This is sufficient to kickstart the regrowth of 800 hectares of forest – for a single colony. Thus, both forests and humans could benefit from better protection for these creatures, which are primarily at risk from hunting.”


It looks like this bat is eating a date fruit.


Bats eat also eat flower nectar and pollinate plants.


Egyptian fruit bat hanging from a palm tree. Bats also eat insects which helps increase fruit yields.


A Gambian epauletted fruit bat, Epomophorus gambianus, takes off with a fig.



Here’s an interesting youtube video about bats by SciShow: