811I’ve eaten a whole ripe cantaloupe to break a cold or flu as read in The Sunfood Diet Success System!Β I’ve eaten a whole ripe pineapple which has natural antibiotics to get rid of sore throat! Wow! Easy! Yum! I’ve eaten whole garlic clove to get rid of a bacterial infection! Garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties. I love The 80/10/10 Diet to be well all the time!

GarlicGarlic: Nature’s Original Remedy by Stephen Fulder & John Blackwood.
Garlic has been renowned for centuries as a healing food. Now current scientific and clinical research is showing garlic to be an effective preventive against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Stephen Fulder and John Blackwood investigate the latest research on garlic, explaining how it works and how to get the most benefit from it. They discuss garlic preparations and dosages, and evaluate the products currently on the market. Detailing the history and lore of garlic from its earliest known use in ancient Egypt to its modern revival, Garlic: Nature’s Original Remedy is the complete guide to this remarkable natural medicine.

I first read
about garlic
antibiotic properties
Drink Your Troubles Away
by John Lust.

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