Vision / Skin / Teeth

mmgMy eyesight went from 30/40 to 20/25 (almost perfect) as of May 2013 after years on fruity-raw-vegan-food! I read this is because fruits clean out undigested cooked animal flesh residues which were deposited in the tiny capillaries in the eyes. I was diagnosed with astigmatism in 1972 and began to wear glasses (corrective lenses) and gradually became nearsighted too.

I cleared my skin of chronic white bumps on arms (Keratosis Pilaris) and occasional pimples from changing to vegan diet! See also my post on (Ad) Poison Ivy. I use (Ad) aloe on my skin in summer (dry skin, bug bites, poison ivy, etc.) and coconut oil in winter.

I’ve stopped toothache by chewing on raw spinach which contains the nutrients needed to build strong teeth!

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