Wild animals eat a raw diet designed for their species and their natural shape and it would seem to be the same for humans who by the way are most like frugivores and herbivores. Born a twin only 4 pounds with a fast metabolism and secondary food allergies aka hypersensitivities, most of my life I was unintentionally low-weight skinny until (after I went vegan in 1990 and raw-vegan in 1999) I went high-carb low-fat low-protein 80/10/10 fruity vegan in 2010 and I started to track my food intake to make sure I get enough calories and then I added 80/10/10 raw-till-4pm vegan soups in winter in 2012. I definitely feel my best when my nutrition calories come from 80% or more fruit carbs, 10% or less seed/nut/fruit fat, and 10% or less veg protein. I prefer to use the words nutrition, nutrition therapy, lifestyle, and whole plant-based foods over diet. I’ve never dieted to lose weight but to address wellness challenges especially secondary food allergies aka hypersensitivities. It does seem that to reach one’s natural shape one should eat as nature intends.

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