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Update 2020/03/16 COVID-19 (ad): I mostly stay home, sunbathe often for free Vitamin D, eat fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, and (ad) spirulina, social distance, wear a mask if near people, wash and sanitize my hands, order my grocery food online for curbside pickup at grocer via my electric bicycle or delivered to my home by UPS or FedEx. A National Institute of Health study says that spirulina can help prevent viruses from replicating and I love the taste of spirulina anyway, so I figure it’s a good time to indulge and ad it to my drinks and dishes and even eat it plain. Yum! And as you probably know, I’ve been plant-based (vegan) for 30 years and high-fruit (high-raw-vegan) for 20 years. I am hypersensitive to casein the protein in cow’s milk and it is very mucous-forming which I suspect may contribute to the cytokine response.

(Ads) 811 JUICE GARLICTo support my immune system I eat high-fruit vegan diet, get outside in the sunshine (free vitamin D), get some exercise (garden, dog-walk, bicycle, lake-swim, pedal-boat, canoe, house-clean, shovel snow, dance, yoga, read, write, chef, etc) play ukulele, sing, smile, sleep well, manage stress, stay hydrated, abstain from alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and I eat a whole ripe cantaloupe or half a watermelon to rid depression type symptoms and read that it can break a cold or flu too, a half or whole ripe pineapple with natural antibiotics to rid sore throat, flowers with pollen to rid seasonal allergies, celery/date smoothies to rid chronic bronchitis, whole garlic cloves to rid a bacterial infection, ginger for vertigo, and spirulina, coconut oil, and CBD oil to rid cold/flu symptoms in dog.ย  I read that garlic, spirulina, and coconut oil have natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties. I love (Ad) The 80/10/10 Diet and (Ad) The Starch Solution and (Ad) How Not To Die whole-food plant-based high-raw high-fruit vegan diet for natural wellness and to prevent lifestyle related conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart-disease. The nutrition therapy I use works within minutes, hours, or a few days and has life-changing long-lasting effects without side-effects in my experience and is very affordable – almost free because we need to eat food anyway. I read it takes at least six months for the medical industry to develop a vaccine for a new strains of viruses that constantly mutate; so, I’ll do what I’ve been doing for many years: eat fruity vegan foods for easy affordable nutrition therapy, sleep well, exercise, get sunshine outdoors, sing, smile, enjoy flowers, garden, dance, and relax with PTSD rescue service dog. Take it or leave it. I can only be me and share what I know and works for me.

“Eat fruits and vegetables!” – Mom :)

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” – Unknown

“Early to bed and early to rise make a human healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Unknown

“Bad choices on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on my part.” – Nutritionist (retired) :)


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