Mara More is a nutritionist, fruitarian and vegan chef, natural-wellness coach, gardener, and priestess at AURAw and Abbey Essene. Mara specializes in nutrition-therapy for secondary food allergies with symptoms like post traumatic stress, attention deficit, dyslexia, migraine, heavy metal poisoning, endometriosis, pre-cancer, pre-heart-disease, and pre-diabetes and prevention and reversal of chronic lifestyle-related wellness-challenges.

She studied natural-wellness since 1972, nutrition at Natural Healing Institute, nutrition and food processing at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute; biology/botany, art, early childhood education and industrial arts education at Fitchburg State University; ministry at the Essene New Life Church; fitness at 90-Second Fitness and Zumba Instructor Academy; yoga; lifeguard at YMCA; skiing at Bradford Ski; ballroom dance instructor training at Arthur Murray’s; and home-economics, culinary, flute, and art at Spy Pond East. She loves to swim, kayak, pedal-boat, garden, harvest wild-plant-foods, and volunteer atย MVFVc.

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