Meetup Memories

The Boston Raw Food Meetup Group was founded by Daryl E. October 5, 2007 with me as an Assistant Organizer. The first event was held at the Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly, MA on November 10, 2007. Soon thereafter Daryl moved to Las Vegas and started a new group there. Eventually the group evolved to Boston New England Raw Food Meetup and BNERV. Over the years we hosted many events including meetups at restaurants, potlucks at private homes, and fruitlucks in public spaces and we cross-posted events from other groups and organizations including the annual Boston Veg Food Fest, monthly Boston Vegetarian Society events, and Merrimack Valley Vegetarian and Vegan Meetup Group. Here are some photo memories.

2009/07/11 Organic Garden Cafe, Beverly, MA

2009/05/23 The Human Revolution, Merrimac, MA

2010/03/13 Grezzo, Newburyport, MA

2010/05/29 Revitalive Cafe, Newburyport, MA

2010/06/19 WAR The Band in Boston with Teresa & Lonnie Jordan

2016/10/22 Dr. Michael Greger and I at Boston Veg Food Fest

2009/04/21 Chris, Mara, Jet, Waltham, MA

2008/04/13 Vanessa Barg, Mara, Rhode Island School of Design

2008/04/13 Goji Girl, Jerome, Mara at Rhode Island School of Design

2008/04/13 David Wolfe, Mara at RISD

2008/01/20 Mara, Juliano at Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly, MA