Genetic Roulette: Haverhill, MA 5/1/14

View a 60 minute version of the film, Genetic Roulette, learn about the risks associated with genetically engineered foods and what we can do to pass GMO labeling, and take part in a Q and A and discussion for 45 minutes by Martin Dagoberto of MA Right To Know on May 1, 2014 at 7PM in the Johnson Auditorium at the Haverhill Library, 99 Main St., Haverhill, MA, USA.

People everywhere are declaring their right to know what is in their food, and taking action to reclaim it. MA Right To Know hopes you’ll join in working together. For the genetic integrity of our seeds, our bodies and our biosphere!
See: Genetic Roulette
See: Organic Food
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March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto, a march in Boston demanding the labeling of GMO’s. We’re going to city hall at 2pm on May 25. The plan, is to start the March outside of the Government Center T stop (City Hall Plaza). We can leaflet and gather to march across and up past the State House, and march through the Common to emerge either at Park Street OR the other side near the Ritz Carlton at the end of Newbury Street.

Monsanto is the nation’s largest pesticide and food/seed company that produces genetically modified seeds and forces farmers to use them. And those crops have been linked to infertility and cancer and other health problems. There’s a new bill that basically grants Monsanto ultimate protection and lets them continue poisoning our food. Learn more here: Genetic Roulette

20130525MAMOn May 25, the world will March Against Monsanto!
Mission Statement:
Current event list:
135 events in 18 countries and counting.
20130525MAM MarchAgainstMonsanto

Back Injury

I tripped over a table leg and fell down and landed on the floor hard on the side of my upper arm. I was brought to tears. I used my Clay Cold Pack on my arm for a few days to keep down swelling and bruising. My arm was feeling better, so I did some regular fitness exercises. Then while turning over in bed I heard a pop and felt pain beside my right shoulder blade! My son brought me some Arnica Gel the next night which helped some. The day after, I forced myself to walk a mile to take a bus to Grocer to buy romaine and celery and decided to buy some Spirulina. It feels better to keep my arm elevated so while walking and sitting on bus I held onto the top of my backpack, threw my arm(s) over the top of my head, held my arms up straight, or grabbed onto the pole on the bus. I’ve replaced my bed with memory foam and have been icing, stretching, deep breathing, meditating, sunbathing, grounding, self-massaging which seems to help the most, eating romaine, and drinking 80 ounces banana banana smoothies a day with celery, sprouts, lettuce, aloe, and sometimes a little spirulina powder or non-fat cacao powder. I’m sleeping better now and the pain is much less.

Dave Conrardy

Dave Conrardy will share how he reversed cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and kidney disease through a vegan live food lifestyle and
Why the raw organic vegan diet is the most healing diet on the planet.
April 8, 2013 at 6:30 PM, Unitarian-Universalist Church, Whitcomb Hall, 50 Church St, Waltham, MA , Boston, MA.
6:30: Raw Organic Vegan Potluck: Bring ready to serve dish with recipe and utensils. Or buy on-line by April 6th for $15 at
7:30: Lecture: Admission $15 or $10 on-line at
Followed by Q&A together with David Whiting, N.D., Herbalist, & Nutritionist and Youdit Whiting, founders of
Handicap Accessible and Plenty of Parking at the church and across the street at the McDevitt Middle School.
Questions: Betsy Bragg 781-899-6664
More info here:


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Mara More: Wellness/Food-Demo

Mara More will share her research and experience of natural-wellness and raw vegan nutrition and demonstrate how to make a favorite easy smoothie and salad on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 6:30pm at The Microsoft Store Theater, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. See more here:

Update: I gave a free talk and easy food-prep demo at the Microsoft Store Theater at the Prudential Center in Boston! All seats were full. Lots of “logistics” involved. lol. I parked the company vehicle from my job right after work and walked to the train station with two gallon coconut oil buckets and a back-pack full of bananas, aloe, romaine, orange, avocado, paper plates, forks, napkins, cups, and an inversion blender (I did not think of using my suitcase on wheels that day). I took the train from Haverhill to Boston North Station, then Green Line subway to Copley and walked about half mile to the Prudential. I got there very shortly before 6:30pm and some people were already waiting. I gave a short talk, did the food demo, cleaned up, caught the train, walked to the vehicle, and drove home. I think people liked my talk and food demo. Rick Williams, Linda Balliro, Paul Something, some college students, some people my age, an older man, and more were there. It was fun for me and glad I pulled it together last minute since the speaker cancelled considering how busy my life is between my “real” job and home/biz. lol. I had stored the romaine in a cooler with freezer packs because I leave my house at 2pm. Typical of me, I forgot to ask someone to take a few photos because I usually just enjoy living in the moment, but will remember next time.


Natural Wellness Intro by Mara More

2012.02.26 Natural Wellness Intro & Food Demo @ Essenic