mmgIn 1958 I was born in a suburb of Boston weighing only four pounds while my twin weighed eight pounds, was kept in hospital for two weeks, have survived a traumatic events, and have dealt with health challenges throughout my life with the help of natural-wellness, nutrition, quick fitness, and rescued chihuahua service dogs.

I’ve used nutrition and lifestyle to enjoy super-wellness and help reduce my symptoms including chronic sinusitis, post-nasal-drip, bronchitis, secondary food allergy, pet allergy, seasonal allergy, drug allergy, migraine headache, hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), endometriosis, breast-calcification (pre-cancer), astigmatism, myopia, tooth ache, sore throat, bacterial infection, PTSD, ADHD, vertigo, CEN, menopause, and slightly elevated LDL cholesterol (pre-heart-disease).

I look forward to helping you overcome challenges and meet your life-goals.

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