Mara More is a fruity vegan Nutritionist specializing in natural wellness, natural weight, and secondary-food-allergy relief, personal-chef, gardener, and minister, who studied clinical nutrition via Natural Healing Institute (Encinitas, CA), nutrition and food processing at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute (now part of North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA), biology, art, and education at Fitchburg State College (MA), natural-wellness since 1972, culinary-arts and home-economics at Spy Pond East (Arlington, MA), Essene ministry via Essene New Life Church (Mount Shasta, CA) and Divinity via Universal Life Church (Seattle,WA).

Mara also loves to harvest wild-edible-plant-foods, sunbathe, lake-swim, kayak, pedal-boat, canoe, dog-walk, yoga, dance, draw, paint, home-repair, volunteer for MVFAV and BNERV, and be Mom. She took salsa-dance at Francois Chevalier (Lawrence, MA) and Greg Coles (Newburyport, MA), choreography at Zumba Beto Perez Master Class (Boston, MA), yoga at Paula Wilson (Amesbury, MA), ballroom dance instructor training at Arthur Murray (Danvers, MA), bellydance at Xiante Iman (Amesbury, MA), ballet at Boston School of Ballet (MA), figure skating at Arlington Figure Skating Club (MA), flute at Spy Pond East (Arlington, MA), flute and recorder at Parmenter School (Arlington, MA), art at Fitchburg State, watercolor painting by Joanne Tarabulla (Ruskin, FL), and more…