30thVeganniversary โ“‹ ๐ŸŒฑ

August 8, 2020 is my 30 year Veganniversary! To celebrate I had hoped to host a party with friends and Covid19 stopped that; but, every day I enjoy yummy fruit, vegan food, superfood, super wellness, sunbathe for free Vitamin D, garden, care for chihuahua dogs, home maintenance, volunteer for progressive causes, and create recipes for health, climate, & budget. (I borrowed this cute photo.)

In addition to enjoying every day, I celebrated my 30th Veganniversary by volunteering for vegan presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker beginning Feb 17, 2019 and I also read and blogged about his book, United. After he left the race Jan 13, 2020, I volunteered for climate/food-aware Andrew Yang who is for Universal Basic Income he calls Freedom Dividend to every American adult paid for with a tax on robots and artificial intelligence that take away jobs. After he left the race, I volunteered for vegan Tulsi Gabbard and made a petition to end presidential regime-change wars. After she left the race, I enjoyed my summer on the lake with my chihuahuas and then volunteered for primary winner climate-friendly Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate part-Hindu/Veg Senator Kamala Harris who knows that CAFO are bad for the planet and climate.

Political volunteering is fun. To all my environmental-justice, human-rights, and animal-rights activist friends; please volunteer, VOTE, and ask your friends to VOTE. Earth can’t wait! This is fun! https://2020victory.io/relationalgotv Text 30330 for the Vote Joe App. Thank you.

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