Electric Bicycle ๐Ÿšฒ

In about 2013 I bought an BicycleElectric Assist Folding Bicycle for errands, fun exercise, and can take on bus or train if need be. I love it! โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ™‚ This electric bicycle goes about 20+ miles per hour and has a range of about 16 miles on a charge without pedaling but I usually pedal too. There are three lights that say full, half, and low. So far the longest trip I took on a charge was about 18 miles and it said low.

COVID19 UPDATE: My Smart Fortwo car needed a minor repair so failed inspection in Feb 2020 and when I tried to have it fixed in March 2020 the places were closed due to Covid-19 but with Spring here to save money I canceled my car registration and insurance since I use my e-bike to do essential errands like post office and grocer for curbside pickup. There are some big hills in my area, so it really helps to have an electric assist motor when carrying 30 pounds of groceries in the crate I bungee corded to the back rack.

2021/04/27 Update: I added a cute removable aluminum frame cloth basket on the handle bar and will add photo soon. Now my ride is stylin! Lol. Also I finally found spare lithium batteries online and ordered three so my range without pedaling will be about 64 miles fully charged. I found out that 5 miles of bicycling is about 1 mile of walking so 50 miles bicycling would equal about 10 miles of walking which isn’t too bad; but with the electric motor I don’t even have to pedal all or part of the way if I don’t want to or need a rest. I’m retired and live in northeast MA on the NH border and it’s 6 miles to my grocer one way with a big hill and I loved e-bicycling to the grocer once a week all spring, summer, and fall and I saved up dried foods for the covid19 winter including raisins, lentils, and rice. Other than that I learned how to order online for delivery food pantry items, household items, stamps, etc. and pay bills online.

Here’s a photo from 2020/05/27. I’ll try to update again soon.


2021/03/25: Photo of some groceries in crate on back rack. They have online order and curbside pickup which is awesome and masks which are fine with me until covid19 is gone.