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Update 03/20/2020: I stay home mostly, sunbathe for Vit D, eat fruits, vegan food, & (ad) spirulina, social distance, wear a mask, wash hands, once a week masked/gloved curbside pickup online pre-order food at grocer via electric bicycle, and monthly order food staples online for delivery by UPS or FedEx or USPS. A National Institute of Health study says that spirulina can help prevent viruses from replicating and I love the taste of spirulina anyway, so I figure covid19 is a good time to indulge. I sunbathe, garden, bicycle, canoe, lake-swim, and dog-walk during stay-home so called, “lockdowns”, so it seems some overreact imo and better to “err on the side of caution” having read about the bubonic plague, 1918 pandemic, SARS, and ebola. I love staying home with my dogs, I’m an “ambivert” (half extrovert and half introvert), and a 30+ year vegan and single mom with tight budget; so it’s fairly easy for me to stay mostly home away from people for a year or two if it means saving my life and not infecting others as an asymptomatic carrier. I miss my son, but he’s grown and has his own life tho I’d like more communication (maybe a video chat once a week or month) so I can worry less in pandemic. I believe that covid-19 came from factory farm CAFO and we need to all cut down or eliminate eating animal flesh foods to prevent future zoonotic pandemics and for climate anyway. I have food/drug/chem-hypersensitivities and usually do not take pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines, but make exception in this rare global pandemic. I’m generally not into conspiracy theories and don’t believe it’s fake or so called, “plandemic”, as it seems it’d take too many people and then all previous pandemics would also be fake which seems unlikely and conspiracy theories seem to mostly be from the alt-right anti-choice anti-government crowd and I’m pro-choice/life and a former government worker with many friends and family in government jobs. I read it takes at least six months for the pharmaceutical industry to develop a vaccine for a new strain of virus but meanwhile I always practice natural wellness.


(Ads:) I have eaten cantaloupe, honeydew melon, or watermelon for depression symptoms and read in (Ad) The Sunfood Diet Success System breaks cold or flu too, fresh pineapple with natural antibiotics for sore throat, celery/date smoothies for chronic bronchitis, whole garlic cloves for bacterial infection, and gave spirulina, coconut oil, and CBD oil to dog for cold (virus?) symptoms.  I read that garlic, spirulina, and coconut oil have natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties. I love (Ad) The 80/10/10 Diet and (Ad) The Starch Solution and (Ad) How Not To Die whole food plant-based high raw fruity vegan diet for natural wellness and to prevent and reverse lifestyle related conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart-disease and it helps to get outside in the sunshine (free vitamin D) and get some exercise. The nutrition therapy I use works for me within minutes, hours, or a few days and has longer lasting effects in my experience and is very affordable – almost free because I need to eat food anyway.

Update 4/3/2021: I got my 1st Pfizer covid19 vaccination on 4/2/2021 and had minimal side effects. I felt a bit light headed, chilled, and sore in legs and derriere from bicycling (electric assist) 14 miles to/from place with temps in 40’s*F and I made mistake of not dressing for weather so pedalled as hard as I could to get there and home as soon as possible. That night I had chills at 3am but the temperature had dropped down to 20’s*F. The next morning I woke up with a slight headache maybe due to the sodium chloride (migraine trigger) in vaccine and/or stress including some rude comments on my Facebook post. I had spent weeks researching the vaccines including PCRM and ingredients for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen and side effects to decide if I could safely get it and had called the place to make sure service dog would be allowed and it was my first trip there via bicycle and I thought I was all prepared but there were some unexpected events and “triggers”: 1) There were about 11 un-masked contractractors (roofers, siders, general, finish-carpenters, plumbers, electricians, flooring, etc) in my next-door neighbor’s yard* some standing, talking loudly, sneezing, or spitting in driveway next to boundary and one unmasked contractor and former “friend” who had been rude to me yelled from the property boundary to try to speak to me as I was leaving so I ignored. 2.) I forgot to wear my padded bicycle under-shorts which are more comfortable for the derriere and “tender parts.” 3.) The Chain Bridge was closed to cars due to slight mechanical failure, but after a few somewhat tense minutes I found out I was allowed to cross with my bicycle. 4.) The person who administered my vaccine seemed a bit impatient with me for not leaving all my things on the chair outside the small room including my service dog in my dog-backpack and my pocketbook with my EpiPen and my slight delay in choosing which arm to be shot while I was mentally processing that his physical appearance reminded me of the person who traumatised me as a child which is one of the reasons why I bring my service dog with me everywhere. (*My next-door neighbor has had approximately 10 house-parties during Covid-19 with different groups of over 10 unmasked people, so I chose to get vaccinated so I can hug my family and friends and protect them from inconsiderate people who refuse to wear masks, social distance, wash, or get vaccine for rare global pandemic.)



Spirulina anti-virus:

Mask effectiveness:

Covid-19 Self-Assessment:

Long Term Effects of Covid-19: .

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Dr. Gemma Newman & Dr. Johanna Ward:

Dr. Neal Barnard:

Dr. Michael Greger:

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Mic the vegan:

From DNA to protein in ribosome in cell using mRNA (virus is a protein):

Vaccine Info from Unnatural Vegan

Yes, The COVID-19 Vaccines Are Vegan – Unnatural Vegan

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