528Hz ❤️

HealingSpirit of Healing Isochronic Alpha & Solfeggio 528hz Healing Meditations CD This is such a beautiful CD! Each track is of sufficient time for a quick meditation and together, they total a few minutes short of one hour. This CD would be great for any type of relaxation, for alternative healing therapies, or even for just drifting off to sleep. If you feel energy, the vibration in this CD feels AWESOME. No vocals. No guided meditation. Just nature sounds enhanced with music vibrations (which I prefer.) Tracks run together, probably so as not to distract you when meditating.

If you are curious about Isochronic Alpha Tones, they are defined as a form of brain wave entrainment. This means that you use the tones as a way to get your brain waves to slow down and all work together.

And if you are equally curious about the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, they were specific tones, used in ancient Gregorian Chants. It was believed that these frequencies provided tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. (For more info, you may want to research Dr. Leonard Horowitz or check out some of the later Jonathan Goldman CDs, such as Holy Harmony.) The 528 Hz Frequency is said to aid in transformation, miracles, and DNA repair. (Pretty fascinating stuff.)

Track 1 – Angelic Forest — 13:43

Very peaceful–I hear the sounds of lots of birds singing, like they do early in the morning, when it is still dark and the sun is about to rise. I hear water, like a stream trickling and bubbling over stones. You can almost smell the green grass and trees, damp from the morning dew. In the background are light, sweet sustained electronic keyboard sounds. Every so often, vibrational sounds are introduced but are so well blended in that you probably will not hear them.

Track 2 – Ocean Blessings – 13:49

Very peaceful–I hear the ocean surf rolling up onto the beach throughout the entire track. There are birds singing and light, sweet sustained electronic keyboard sounds throughout the track. Occassionally, I hear another sound that could either be a dolphin or a bird. Vibrational sounds are well blended.

Track 3 – Spirit Dreaming – 13:26

Very peaceful and a very slight bit more up-tempo. The electronic sounds kind of roll, as if they were traveling in a circle and the sounds move from very light to a little more intense, then back to light, and so on. The birds are still chirping away. There is a very light middle-Eastern string instrument sound in the background but I believe it is through the keyboard.

Track 4 – Night of the Ancients – 13:53

Very peaceful with soft rolling thunder plus soft sweet electronic keyboard. The keyboard sounds like a flute at times. I picture myself in a place such as Macchu Picchu, standing in front of an ancient temple, picturing a civilization of long ago. I can almost see them through the veil and can almost hear their chants. I also hear birds and nature sounds around me, including a little bit of rain and some frogs or crickets. The thunder actually starts to get slightly louder after 8 minutes (which means there are about 6 minutes to go on the CD), but again, it is very peaceful.

If you have a Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, or similar practice, I think you will want to add this CD to your collection. It is wonderful!


The Book of 528 (Prosperity Key of Love)
The Book of 528 has finally arrived! Don’t miss reading Dr. Horowitz latest book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE which presents the Creator’s technology to end all wars and set biology free from petrochemical intoxication and threatened extinction. The “528LOVERevolution is happening now, on time, to remedy the world deadliest urgencies. That’s why musicians and vocalists worldwide are already celebrating this “ecstatic tuning” to LOVE/528. The book provides the science, math, discussions, and instructions proving LOVE is 528–the reason grass is green and animals eat it to be miraculously healed. The book also awakens your highest spiritual capacities to LOVE and be LOVED. Walking in that light heals you and others you touch as the good vibration expands opening people’s hearts globally. Features & Ingredients Playing 528 music not only heals you, but like a pebble in a pond radiates out touching the farthest heart. Devour this incredible book!

Unisonic Ascension Love Signal 528 Hz (Theta binaural beats 6 Hz)

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