I read that when I eat clean foods (especially fruit) my body first cleans out vital organs (ie: lungs, heart) and later less vital (ie: eyes). I wore eyeglasses from 1972 to 1989. I started with a minor astigmatism but developed some nearsightedness over the years while an administrative-assistant. I went vegetarian for about a year in 1978, vegan (plant-based) in 1990, raw-vegan in 1999, high-carb low-fat raw-vegan in 2010, and occasional-rawtill4-vegan in winter 2013. My eye exam showed my eyes went from 20/40* to 20/35 in 2004, to 20/30 in 2005, and to 20/25 in 2006; so it took many years as vegan and several as raw-vegan to clean out the tiny capillaries in my eyes, but I’m happy with the progress. Shortly after going occasional-rawtill4-vegan I developed “floaters” in my eyes. More recently I’ve gone back to all raw-vegan and will see if it helps with the “floaters” and how long it takes.

*The first number is the distance you are from the eye chart and the second number is the size letter you can read (or what most people can read at that distance).

Thank you for the inspiration for this blog post, Starlet Moore. :)