Eyesight (Vision)

I read that when I eat clean plant-based foods (especially raw fruit) my body first cleans out vital organs (ie: lungs, heart) and later less vital (ie: eyes). I wore eyeglasses from 1972 to 1989. I started with a minor astigmatism but developed some nearsightedness too over the years while wearing glasses as a high-school and college student and later as an administrative-assistant. I stopped wearing glasses in 1989 after giving birth and becoming a stay at home mom since I had lifelong chronic sinus trouble and found glasses uncomfortable on my nose and was a bit squeamish at the thought of putting in contact lenses. I went vegetarian for about a year in 1978, plant-based and vegan in 1990, raw-vegan in 1999, high-carb low-fat raw-vegan (HCLFRV) in 2010, and occasional-cooked-rawtill4-vegan in winter 2016. My eye exams showed my eyes went from 20/40* to 20/35 in 2004, to 20/30 in 2005, and to 20/25 in 2006; so it took five years as vegan and several as raw-vegan to clean out the tiny capillaries in my eyes, but I’m happy with the progress.

*The first number is the distance in feet you are from the eye chart and the second number is the distance in feet most people can read that line.

Btw there’s a formula that says it takes one month as all raw-foodist for every year as a cooked-foodist to completely cleanse body of deposits and mucoid plaque and at some point there is a “great purge”; however while it could be a guideline I think “slow and steady” progress is good and just about any amount of fresh raw fruits and vegetables added to the diet is very helpful, be patient, make sure to get enough fruit/carbohydrate calories, the body is always cleansing itself, and may be best not obsess about cleanliness.

Shortly after going occasional-cooked-rawtill4-vegan (after 12 years 100% all raw-vegan) at age 55 I noticed occasional “floaters” in my eyes. More recently I’ve gone back to all HCLFRV and will see if it helps with the “floaters” and how long it takes.

If you have any experience with “floaters” please share in a comment. Thank you.

Btw, my occasional “eye floaters” are like two black spots or spiders that kinda move around and are a bit annoying, not to be confused with “aura” flickering lights from migraine headaches. I had chronic migraines from age 14 to 30 ish when I began napping at lunch and taking vitamins while pregnant and later going plant-based vegan and raw vegan and high fruit raw vegan.

Btw, I’ve helped relieve or manage with diet, lifestyle, and service-dog (rescue/adopted) symptoms including ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, endometriosis, pre-cancer (calcification), prediabetes (hypoglycemia), and vertigo.


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