Sleep tips

Things that help me sleep:
1. Fruit (carbs): My mind is very active (dreams too), so feeding it helps – especially fruit.
2. Exercise: Any should help. For me it’s mostly dog-walking, gardening, dancing, pedal-boating, kayaking, canoeing, etc.
3. Raw cacao: It’s supposed to help sleep because of the magnesium and supposed to drink it in the evening. Supposedly raw caffeine of which there is a very small amount is not stimulating. (Anyway, I recently switched to carob because it’s safe for dogs and mine likes to try all my food.)
4. Routine: I generally go to sleep within a few hours of dusk and rise within a few hours of dawn. This is also good for human circadian rhythm (see #11). I sleep better when I know that I’ve enough ripe bananasย or soak my dates for my morning smoothie and know my approximate plans for the next day. (Update 2018/0627: This feels less important since I retired and may’ve had the “great purge” after many years HCLFRV – may blog on this soon.)
5. Setting: A clean organized peaceful bedroom and a well made bed. I like the sheets, blankets, comforter, or afghan neat and orderly with some tucked under the mattress at the bottom to keep my feet warm and no drafts.
6. Bed: I use a memory foam mattress and also an electric mattress pad warmer in winter which help sleep. Also feng shui says it’s most healthy to have the bed positioned from north (head) to south (foot).
7. Lavender: My niece made me a lavender sachet which smells so nice. :)
8. Quiet: One room is quieter than the others depending on time of year with windows open or not; but, I use a fan in summer which blurs increased noise outside open window. You can use a fan or “White Noise Machine” year round.
9. Read: Especially a book that’s somewhat mathematical or technical, ie: 811 or H.N.t.D.ย . Otherwise make sure to use the nightlight on your pc, but it’s recommended to keep electronics out of the bedroom for better sleep.
10. Music: Soothing music makes me relax and then I fall back to sleep with the music repeating in my brain which is nice.
11. Timing: Dr. Pam Popper said, “Every hour slept before midnight counts as two hours of sleep.”, allowing to kinda get away with less sleep and not stress out about getting enough sleep. I usually go to sleep by 9pm so by 2am it’s kinda like getting 8 hours of sleep. Then I’d get another 1 or 2 hours before getting up at 6am for work driving a school bus and I could also take an hour nap between AM (6am-9am) & PM (2pm-4pm) shifts if needed, but I’m retired from that now.
12. Dog: Dogs can help sleep with cuddles, warmth, protection, and may be trained to do nightmare interruption. See RSDog. If you have vertigo symptoms which are worse while laying down a dog on either side helps to stabilize.
13. Chamomile tea: It has worked for me in the past.

I hope any of these tips help youย or make you bored and tired enough to fall back to sleep. lol.

I was inspired to copy and paste my comment I left on Vegan Sista’s video.ย Thank you for the inspiration. Namaste.