March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto, a march in Boston demanding the labeling of GMO’s. We’re going to city hall at 2pm on May 25. The plan, is to start the March outside of the Government Center T stop (City Hall Plaza). We can leaflet and gather to march across and up past the State House, and march through the Common to emerge either at Park Street OR the other side near the Ritz Carlton at the end of Newbury Street.

Monsanto is the nation’s largest pesticide and food/seed company that produces genetically modified seeds and forces farmers to use them. And those crops have been linked to infertility and cancer and other health problems. There’s a new bill that basically grants Monsanto ultimate protection and lets them continue poisoning our food. Learn more here: Genetic Roulette

20130525MAMOn May 25, the world will March Against Monsanto!
Mission Statement:
Current event list:
135 events in 18 countries and counting.
20130525MAM MarchAgainstMonsanto

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