Back Injury

I tripped over a table leg and fell down and landed on the floor hard on the side of my upper arm. I was brought to tears. I used my Clay Cold Pack on my arm for a few days to keep down swelling and bruising. My arm was feeling better, so I did some regular fitness exercises. Then while turning over in bed I heard a pop and felt pain beside my right shoulder blade! My son brought me some Arnica Gel the next night which helped some. The day after, I forced myself to walk a mile to take a bus to Grocer to buy romaine and celery and decided to buy some Spirulina. It feels better to keep my arm elevated so while walking and sitting on bus I held onto the top of my backpack, threw my arm(s) over the top of my head, held my arms up straight, or grabbed onto the pole on the bus. I’ve replaced my bed with memory foam and have been icing, stretching, deep breathing, meditating, sunbathing, grounding, self-massaging which seems to help the most, eating romaine, and drinking 80 ounces banana banana smoothies a day with celery, sprouts, lettuce, aloe, and sometimes a little spirulina powder or non-fat cacao powder. I’m sleeping better now and the pain is much less.

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