Wow! I went (Ad) 81180/10/10* after being inspired by Freelea The Banana Girl on YouTube and I feel the best ever! I’m super happy most of the time! I recover from “life-drama” fast! I have more energy! My brain runs super! I’ve reached my natural weight and added muscle easily. Freelea and Durianrider are competitive endurance athletes so recommend 30 bananas a day. I’m not very active, only exercise doing fun things I enjoy and working around my house, so I started by trying 20 bananas a day and after a couple weeks dropped it to 10 bananas a day or 10 oz of dried fruit plus other fruits, 3 tablespoons or less of seeds or nuts, and handfuls of greens a day. (Update: After a couple years I added back some cooked vegan soups in winter.)

Dr. Douglas Graham says (Ad) The 80/10/10 Diet* is the best and most simple nutrition plan ever! If you have struggled with maintaining your natural weight or wellness or would like to change your life for the better, look no further than this groundbreaking book. Dr. Douglas Graham gives “voice to what has proven to be the healthiest choice in the world of food and nutrition” and says, “I believe it is time that we all started loving ourselves a lot more … by nourishing our bodies with foods that love us back.” He addresses heart-disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, adrenal fatigue, candida, depression, pain, and more with a simple formula macro-nutrient ratio of 80% minimum carbohydrates, 10% maximum protein, and 10% maximum fat.

*I’ve heard Doug Graham recommends water fasting or dry fasting for extended periods. I don’t fast. I enjoy fruits, greens, and seeds daily and vegan foods especially soups in winter.

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