Arthur Murray Dance Studio Groupon Daily Deal for Boston
$49 for Two Private Lessons and One Group Lesson for one or two people ($250 Value)
A great Valentine gift! View deal:
Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feet become dance-floor burners under tutelage of experienced instructors during classes in styles such as ballroom, salsa, or swing. Teaching hips to swivel to new circumferences, dance instructors impart their masterful ballroom moves unto students in the respected tradition Arthur Murray has upheld since 1912. Students can bring a partner to each of their three lessons, or fly solo and dance with the instructor, embodying a greater understanding of the dance style of their choosing with either method. Protรฉgรฉs may find their new moves applicable in a number of settings, such as taking your first Zumba class, when prepping for a wedding dance, or blending into an airport crowd that breaks out in a cha-cha. Embodying the elegant techniques of ballroom basics brings partners in close, and salsa moves or club-swing steps add vibrancy and playfulness to oneโ€™s repertoire.

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