Aimee, Goji Girl, & Frank Giglio

I went with my friends Carl and Jethro to a potluck at the home of Aimee and Denny Perrin of Aimee’s Living Magic held on the same day as Super Goji Girl and Chef Frank Giglio‘s wedding. I met Gabrielle Brick and Glen Collelo and Lisa Storch of Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe.
2009.10.17mmGojiGabrielleAimee 2009.10.17mmGlennColelloLisaStorch

I brought AURAw Nori-Rolls, AURAw chocolate, and a case ofย Kombucha.

After the potluck we stopped to get spring water in Exeter .
2009.10.17mmJethroCarlTodd 2009.10.17mmJetCarlWater

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