Drugs Masquerading As Foods

“Drugs Masquerading as Foods” by Suzar Silent, deadly, delicious. Drugfoods kill over 240,000 Americans every 2 months from degenerative diseases they cause, accounting for more than 2/3 of U.S. deaths! Blacks lead the nation in mortality rates from drugfood diseases! Sickness, not Health, is a Trillion dollar-a-year industry in America. And you, yes YOU are a Drugfood Addict! Among other vital things, this life-saving book identifies The Five Fatal Foremost Traits of Killer Drugfoods and just which “foods” are really Drugs Masquerading as Foods, killing us slowly, little by little, with each delicious bite!

I read a little of my ex-boyfriend’s copy of Drugs Masquerading as Foods while visiting him at his  place in Worcester, MA. An interesting note: this book mentions that Mohammad was Essene. I also read somewhere (OSHO?) that Buddha and Pythagoras the great mathematician were Essene too and The Essene Gospel of Peace states that Jesus Christ was Essene. Peace! :)



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