The Essene Gospel of Peace by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely is an interpretation of The Dead Sea Scrolls locked away in the Vatican and contains the spiritual and natural-wellness lifestyle practices of Jesus Christ. The Essene Gospel of Peace gave me new insights about life and and natural-wellness, helped me understand some of the teachings and mysteries I leaned as a Christian Catholic child,ย  and reinforced my feeling of spiritual connection to Universe (God) through Nature and Mother Earth.

I believe that the basic teachings in The Essene Gospel of Peace will help anyone. The Essene Gospel of Peace inspired me to make major lifestyle changes which dramatically improved the quality of my life, further study Essene teachings, and eventually become ordained as an Essene Minister.

The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle says that food is our most intimate and telling connection both with the living natural order and with our living cultural heritage. By eating the plants and animals of our earth, we literally incorporate them. It is also through this act of eating that we partake of our cultureโ€™s values and paradigms at the most primal levels. It is becoming increasingly obvious, however, that the choices we make about our food are leading to environmental degradation, enormous human health problems, and unimaginable cruelty toward our fellow creatures. Incorporating systems theory, teachings from mythology and religions, and the human sciences, The World Peace Diet presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world, based on a comprehension of the far-reaching implications of our food choices and the worldview those choices reflect and mandate. The author offers a set of universal principles for all people of conscience, from any religious tradition, that they can follow to reconnect with what we are eating, what was required to get it on our plate, and what happens after it leaves our plates. The World Peace Diet suggests how we as a species might move our consciousness forward so that we can be more free, more intelligent, more loving, and happier in the choices we make.

The Teachings of the Essenes from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls explains the actual Essene spiritual practice: Morning and Evening Communions and Noon Peace Contemplation. I began to practice these daily in 1999 as I developed my own spiritual practice which became the basis for enjoying peace, love, joy, fruit, life, and natural-wellness always. :) Szekely’s books on the Essenes not only acquaint the reader with the profound teaching and practices of this ancient spiritual sect – they also provides principles, teachings and practices that can uplift and help transform the spiritual seeker today. This particular volume, The Teachings of the Essenes, is one of the best because of its clear and comprehensive summary of key Essene principles, and its purpose as a helpful adjunct to The Essene Gospel of Peace. The chapters include: The Essenes and their Teaching, The One Law, The Essene Tree of Life, Essene Communions: Purpose and Meaning, Essene Communions: Practice, The Sevenfold Peace (Body, Mind, Family, Humanity, Culture, Earthly Mother, Heavenly Father), Essene Psychology, and Individual Inventory.

Creating Peace by Being Peace guides readers in creating peace on seven levels of engagement, from the body to the ecology to God. Author Gabriel Cousens addresses the increasingly urgent need to transform humankind with the ancient peace wisdom of the Essenes, a Judaic mystical group that flourished two millennia ago. He begins by explaining the Essenes and the lessons they can teach us as creators of peace. Individual chapters cover a wide range of possibility, from the personal (โ€œPeace with the Mindโ€) to the political (โ€œPeace with the Communityโ€). The final chapter, “Integrating Peace on Every Level,” presents a comprehensive plan for peace with the body, mind, family, community, culture, ecology, and God as a pervasive experience in lifeโ€”moment to moment, day by day. Cousens blends documentary evidence with original interpretation to show that the Essenes actually did live this experience of peace. Most importantly, he transfers their gift to modern seekers as a breathing blueprint for realizing this reality as we walk in our lives; work according to our gifts, joys, and sacred design; and live the path of spiritual awakeningโ€”the sevenfold peace.

Do you hunger for skills to improve the quality of your relationships, to deepen your sense of personal empowerment or to simply communicate more effectively? Unfortunately, for centuries our culture has taught us to think and speak in ways that can actually perpetuate conflict, internal pain and even violence. Nonviolent Communication partners practical skills with a powerful consciousness and vocabulary to help you get what you want peacefully. In this internationally acclaimed text, Marshall Rosenberg offers insightful stories, anecdotes, practical exercises and role-plays that will dramatically change your approach to communication for the better. Discover how the language you use can strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts and heal pain. Revolutionary, yet simple, Nonviolent Communication offers you the most effective tools to reduce violence and create peace in your lifeโ€”one interaction at a time.

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