Mara More is a nutritionist, fruitarian raw+vegan chef, natural-wellness coach, and priestess atย AURAw foodsย andย Abbeyย Essene. Mara has the best ever vast knowledge and resources in nutrition, natural-wellness, and nutritional therapies. Former weaknesses become super strengths! Mara raises awareness of nutrition therapies for secondary food allergies, post traumatic stress, attention deficit, dyslexia, migraine, heavy metal poisoning, endometriosis, pre-cancer, pre-heart-disease, and prediabetes to end discrimination which further victimizes people.

She studied natural-wellness since 1972, nutrition at Natural Healing Institute, nutrition and food processing at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute (NSCC), watercolor with Jo Tarabula, biology, art, early childhood education and industrial arts education at Fitchburg State University, ministry at the Essene New Life Church, fitness at 90-Second Fitness and Zumba instructor academy, yoga from several teachers, lifeguard at YMCA, skiing at Bradford Ski, ballroom dance instructor training at Arthur Murray’s, home-economics, culinary, and flute at Spy Pond East, and flute and art at Parmenter school. She loves to swim, kayak, canoe, pedal-boat, garden, harvest wild-foods, and volunteer atย MVFVc.

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