Rev. Mara More, N.D., is a Nutritionist, Chef/Creator of AURAw™foods, Founder of Abbey Essene, and Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Natural-Wellness and Secondary Food Allergy Relief. She’s studied natural-wellness since 1972, nutrition at the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, nutrition and food processing at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute (NSCC), biology at Fitchburg State College, ministry at the Essene New Life Church, fitness at 90-Second Fitness and Zumba Academy, lifeguard at YMCA, ballroom dance instructor training at Arthur Murray, and home-economics and culinary at Spy Pond East. She loves to organic garden, swim, bicycle,  and sunbathe. “I believe nature provides a solution to every challenge.” – Rev. Mara More, N.D.

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