Rev. Mara More, N.D., D.D., is a Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Divinity, Nutritionist, Natural-Wellness Coach, Minister, Fruitarian Raw-Vegan and Vegan Chef, Gardener, Wild-Foodie, and Founder at AURAw™foods and Abbey Essene. She’s studied natural-wellness since 1972, nutrition at Natural Healing Institute, nutrition and food processing at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute (NSCC), biology, art, education, botany, psychology, philosophy, english, industrial arts, solar-power, etc. at Fitchburg State College, ministry at the Essene New Life Church, fitness at 90-Second Fitness and Zumba Academy, yoga, lifeguard at YMCA, ballroom dance instructor training at Arthur Murray, and home-economics / culinary at Spy Pond East. Mara loves to sunbathe, pedal-boat, swim, bicycle, yoga, co-organize Boston N. E. Raw, and volunteer for The Humane Party.

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