mmgI was born a twin in 1958 in a suburb of Boston, have survived traumatic events and chronic wellness challenges, and enjoy fruity vegan foods and natural-wellness lifestyle for a super awesome life and to deal with chronic wellness challenges including food and drug secondary allergy (aka hypersensitivity), chronic sinusitis, post-nasal-drip, bronchitis, pet allergy, seasonal allergy, migraine headache, hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), endometriosis, breast-calcification (pre-cancer), astigmatism, myopia, tooth ache, sore throat, bacterial infection, PTSD, ADHD, CEN, autism spectrum, vertigo, menopause, and slightly elevated LDL cholesterol (pre-heart-disease). I hope my personal story helps inspire you to overcome challenges, be super happy, and meet your life-goals.

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