mmgIn 1958 I was born a twin in a suburb of Boston weighing only four pounds, was kept in hospital for two weeks, have survived traumatic events, and have dealt with health challenges throughout my life with the help of fruity vegan foods, natural-wellness lifestyle, and chihuahua rescue service dog.

I use fruity vegan nutrition and natural wellness lifestyle to enjoy super-wellness and rid symptoms including secondary food allergy, chronic sinusitis, post-nasal-drip, bronchitis, pet allergy, seasonal allergy, drug allergy, migraine headache, hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), endometriosis, breast-calcification (pre-cancer), astigmatism, myopia, tooth ache, sore throat, bacterial infection, PTSD, ADHD, vertigo, CEN, menopause, and slightly elevated LDL cholesterol (pre-heart-disease). I hope my personal story helps inspire you to overcome challenges and meet your life-goals.

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