Mara More is a Nutritionist, fruitarian raw+vegan chef, Naturopathic Doctor specializing in nutrition-tharapy and relief of migraine and secondary-food-allergies, Doctor of Divinity, Priestess, webmistress, and personal assistant at AURAw™foods and Abbey Church Essene who studied natural-wellness since 1972, nutrition at Natural Healing Institute, nutrition and food processing at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute (NSCC), biology, art, education, industrial arts at Fitchburg State University, ministry at the Essene New Life Church, fitness at 90-Second Fitness and Zumba Academy, yoga, lifeguard at YMCA, dance, and home-economics / culinary at Spy Pond East. Mara loves to pedal-boat, swim, garden, wild-foods, and volunteer at MVFVc.

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