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Mara More is an expert in Natural-Wellness, Nutrition, Hidden-Food-Allergy, Nutritional-Therapy, Quick-Fitness, and Chef creator of AURAw™ foods at Abbey Essene. Mara studied Nutrition at The Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy and North Shore Community College; Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Botany, Genetics, Art, Education, and more at Fitchburg State College; Essene Ministry at The Essene New Life Church; Fitness at Zumba Academy and 90-Second Fitness Solution, Ballroom Dance Instructor Beginner Level at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Life-Guard at YMCA, Home-Economics at Spy Pond East; and more. Mara enjoys organic-gardening, sun-bathing, wild-edible-plant-foods, bird-watching, swimming, canoeing, bicycling, yoga, dance, music, art, reading, family, peace, love, joy, fruit, and more. :)

Some of Mara’s favorite resources include: The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug Graham, The Essene Gospel of Peace by Edmond Szekely, amd The 90-Second Fitness Solution by Pete Cerqua.

“I believe nature provides a solution to every challenge. I have reversed/managed many personal wellness challenges including chronic symptoms like sinusitis/bronchitis, migraine-headaches, allergy, hypoglycemia, PTSD, pre-cancer, vertigo, virus, impaired-vision, etc.” – Mara More

*Information is for use at your own risk, not a licensed medical doctor, do not diagnose or treat disease, and not evaluated by FDA. Disclaimer

Posted 2012.03.31 by MaraMore

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  1. I’m about your age and have been almost 100% raw for a long time, and was eating tons of seaweeds (nori), coconut, and taking chlorella by the handful ~~ it all resulted in a hyperactive thyroid which has since resolved. Do you take superfoods? I’m using hemp powder for protein, and am back on Healthforce brand Greener Grasses and bit of spirulina, but don’t want a big iodine overload again ~~ I’d love to hear what your daily diet is. I eat lots of grapes and apples, soaked dried figs but am worried about getting arthritic hands (I’ve heard that tomatoes and peppers can aggravate) Also what do you do for probiotics? Any advice would be great!! Do you hold classes?

  2. I really like this post.

  3. Great post Mara.

    Bruce Oskar Klefas
  4. Life is Good:-))
    Raw plant-base diet is finally moving east and soon the rage will be the talk of the town. The young folks of our wonderful land are waking up and will be leading the way for many years to come. I say down with carbonated drinks and up with purified water. You are what you drink and eat!! Be healthy.

    Leo A Blair II
  5. I have a four year old daughter diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Have you had any experience with this condition. She is trying vegan diet. Any suggestions?

    Maria Fernanda de Rojas
  6. Id love to hear your thoughts on my site and recommend to your followers…I am one of the former owners of the prana cafe in newton, ma and ventured out on my own after my partner wanted to go nonorganic route…I am trying to further the vegan and superfood education to and bring it to the forefront

  7. I am looking for some tasty vegan green juicing recipes

    • I prefer smoothies. Here are super easy recipes: http://auraw.wordpress.com/recipe/ :) Also click above link to the book, Complete Cancer Cleanse, which has many juice recipes and that will link you to more recipe books. Otherwise just buy, pick, grow, or forage for your favorite fruits and veggies and juice away. :)

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